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Naval Aviation Pictures (I didn't take these, just collected them along the way)


F-14 goes supersonic
F-14 SuperSonic
S-3 Viking
S-3 Going Hunting
S-3 Viking in the Sunset
S-3 Flying off into the Sunset
C-40A takes off
C-40A Clipper Take-off
Blue Angels F-18 at sunset
Blue Angels Sunset
CAG's birds do a formation fly by
CAG's Birds in formation
C-130 takes off using 8 JATO bottles
Herc Jet Assisted Take Off
Marine Hornets fly over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt
F-18s over the Valley of the Kings
Carrier Task Force Underway
Carrier Battle Group
  The replacement for the P-3 Orion, the P-8 Poseidon in full paint
The P-8 Poseidon (737-800)